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infrastructure projects

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Sculpture by nature, eagle shaped rock

The planning and infrastructure of the settlement in Kriaritsi are considered of the highest standard for Greece and Southeast Europe. Today all infrastructure work (which is funded by the settlement itself) is already completed: airlift hub in connection with the national junction, five bridges of 700 m length inside the village, 75 km of asphalt road (of 6 m or 3 m width), modern telecommunications network, power transmission grid, two water supply systems and an excellent rainwater system and modern drainage system for the activated sludge.

building lots for sale

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Tignia beach

In the settlement of Kriaritsi, there is a number of plots available for sale by a private individual.

All of our plots have a great clear view to the sea and of Mount Athos and their distance from the sea ranges from 150m to 600m.

Every plot has a surface of exactly 500 sqm and a permit for building 120 sqm for primary residence, plus 120 sqm for basement and another 40 sqm for ancillary spaces (car parking, kiosk etc). So there are still 380 sqm left in each plot providing enough spacing among houses of adjacent plots.

All of the building plots that we own are next to a two-direction asphalt street, which allows easy access to the plots.

Next to each plot, there exist: two independent networks for water supply (potable and for general use e.g. watering), the drainage network, the telecommunications network for telephony and Internet access and the electricity network, to which you will be connected as soon as you get the building permit.

If you are interested in buying a building plot in Kriaritsi, or for any information regarding Kriaritsi, please send an e-mail to: or call: +30 6973 799017

Street Plan - Bridges

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Infrastructure, street plan, bridges

The village of Kriaritsi is connected by an airlift hub to the national junction (Marmaras-Toroni-Sikia-Sarti-Vourvourou), which passes through the private area of the village. This airlift is unique in the road network of Chalkidiki.

The road network within the village consists of paved roads of 35 km length and of 6 m width and is of very good quality, built to the necessary gradients. It is supported by an excellent system for rainwater collection, with 4,300 wells for the concentration of rain.

A network of asphalt roads that allow for the control of slipperiness complements the main junction. Streets of 40 km length and 3 m width allow easy access by car to all sites.

In addition, in 90 building plots, cement constructions (pavement, stairs, etc.) guarantee that pedestrians move easily within the village.

Due to the relief of the ground, the road network is supported by 6 airlift bridges, of approximately 700 m length, for the safe and easy movement of vehicles and pedestrians in the village.

All these infrastructures also protect the village from soil erosion in case of extreme weather and torrential rain.

Telecommunications Network

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Infrastructure, street plan, bridges, the bay of Kriaritsi, building plot's view

The village has its own fully self-funded telecommunications network. This network is of extremely high standards in order to provide Telephony and Internet services of high speed. Each property is linked to the telecommunications network with two independent pairs of high quality cables, which allow the simultaneous reception of services from two independent telecommunication providers.

Moreover, there is provision from the Greek Public Electricity Company to supply electricity to the settlement for all its needs.

Water & Rainwater Systems

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Infrastructure, street plan, bridges

To cover the village needs in both drinking water and water for general use, a drilling supplies the area with water by means of two independent networks. The irrigation ensures the full autonomy of the village and the uninterrupted supply of drinking water and water for general use.

In the village there is also an excellent network for the comprehensive collection of rainwater. This network, of 40 km length, is located below the main road junction, following every relief and slope of the ground, even at a depth of 7 meters below the surface.

Thus, rainwater finds its way to the sea, avoiding flooding and soil erosion.

Activated Sludge - Biopurification

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Infrastructure, street plan, bridges

Underground, the village has a complete drainage system of 40 km length, supported by 11 local pumping stations and a central one for the promotion of waste to the activated sludge system.

The infrastructure is located within the village, but at a long distance from the residential area, above the highway. Its purpose is to protect the water resources from overexploitation and pollution, and to promote their efficient reuse.

The biological purification of waste takes place in 70 acres of fenced agricultural land, owned by the partnership. It is a process, which is not conducted with the traditional chemical-mechanical way, but takes place in open concrete tanks using oxygen friendly reeds. These reeds allow the perfect decomposition of the organic content of the waste, without the requirement of electromechanical energy, which would cost extra to the village. It is an environmentally friendly and low cost method.

The biological purification is a project of great importance for the region, since according to E.U. regulations, all cities with population over 15,000 residents, were obliged to install purification units for waste water treatment before the year 2000. Since 2005 the same obligation applies to boroughs and communities with a population of between 2,000 and 15,000 residents.

Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Infrastructure, street plan, bridges, cows
Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Sailing boat Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Tigania beach, view to Mount Athos Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - View of the sunrise over Mount Athos from the main beach in Kriaritsi, cloudy sky, stormy sea