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archaeological finds

Special attention has been given to the development of the important local archaeological findings in Kriaritsi. Under the settlement’s own funding and always in cooperation with the archaeological service, the site of the village was thoroughly investigated and a prehistoric tomb was discovered. It dates from the late middle to late stage of the Early Bronze Age (2,300 - 1,900 BC). This artificial hill covers 30 tombs with circular enclosures, each of which contained pottery with the ashes of the dead. This finding is particularly important because it is unique in the area of Macedonia, and enriches our knowledge of burial practices and methods of construction of tombs during the Bronze Age. In the cemetery, where about 120 clay urns have been found, the Partnership promotes the archaeological findings by funding the construction of sheds in the area.


Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Blue Lagoon, turquoise waters
Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Sailing boat Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - Tigania beach, view to Mount Athos Kriaritsi, Chalkidiki, Sithonia - View of the sunrise over Mount Athos from the main beach in Kriaritsi, cloudy sky, stormy sea